The Plenary council 2015 of the Society of African Missions is being held in Cartières, from Monday 1 to Thursday 11, June 2015. Participants have come from all four corners of the earth to represent their confrères. Everyday, SMA Media Center would endeavour to present one interview with a plenary council member.


Today, father Dario Dozio, Regional superior of Côte d’Ivoire shares his impressions:

“I have just arrived in this beautiful part of Chaponost this early summer, with this beautiful weather, dry climate after the humid weather of Abidjan, it is nice to be here. For me, it is a grand novelty because it is my first time to attend a plenary council meeting.”

The priests of the African Missions work in 16 African countries in international teams:

“I was seated next to the leader of the US province and at my right hand side was the leader of Philippines. They both speak English and do not speak French. I speak Italian, a bit of French, but we do understand one another anyway, we can understand what the other means (…). SMA works in many countries, seeing its international face, and novelty in all difficulties that can be found. But there still is this will to go announce the Good News in today’s hardship and joys.”

Father Dario expects some specific outcome from this 2015 plenary council in Chaponost:

“I expect guidelines for the SMA, especially in Africa. Here in Europe we have a centenary experience of the SMA while in the African countries we are still in the process of being formed. All these arguments on regions, DF’s, the relationship between regions and DF’s, the role of the regional, the of the leader, what to choose, what parish to choose, what are our challenges… All these are being discussed together with other; that means not only my idea are implemented, but we do also take in other views leading to a global view of the SMA, in such a way that we can walk together in harmony.”