HoungueFrançois de Paul Houngue was elected as General Counsellor to replace François Gnonhossou who was called by Pope Francis for the diocese of Dassa- Zoumé in Benin.

Here we are on the fourth day of the 2015 Plenary Council in Chaponost. And we have interviewed Fr. Alan de GUZMAN , the superior of the Philippines District- in-Formation.

He shares with us his experience and his expectations.

This morning we have discussed about the formation and of on-going formation. It was a good topic by Rozario and also about the publications. What I wish is that we really have to come up with good desicions about what we have discussed in this meeting. For example, if we discuss about formation, there should be concrete actions.

He presents us his District-in-formation and the collaboration with the lay partners.

it was started in 1986 by the Irish province. And we have 13 members for now. One died. 2 will working in Tanzania, 2 in Ghana, and 1 is for furthur studies, 2 are in the parish in Philippines, 1 in the formation, 1 works as the bursar, and myself in the administration.

In regarding to vocations, we are very positive, for July, 2015, we have got 13 students.

In regarding to lay partners :

The lay missioners help us in many ways they are responsible for fund raising, looking for vocations, and also for the media. Also we travel together, we go to the parishes, we go to the schools, and we give talks about vocations, we have meetings once a month, we share information about what is going on, and the mutual responsability for SMA formation.