“By the grace of God”, as it is said in the Côte d’Ivoire, yesterday I was able to go to the printer to give a very small USB key on which were all of the files that make up the Positio on the life, the virtues and the reputation of the holiness of our Founder, Bishop de Brésillac.  With the new representative (relatore) we are moving fast and well.

The Positio is the document that is required in accordance with the procedure for the cause of beatification and of canonisation of a Servant of God.  In our case, it is around 1200 pages.  The main parts are:


-          THE SUMMARY, which gathers together the testimonies and the most important writings of Brésillac (letters sent, received, spiritual writings, sermons, etc.) and writings about him, making up about 600 pages.

-          THE DOCUMENTED BIOGRAPHY, in 20 chapters of 475 pages and 1700 notes.  The last chapter is on the fame of the holiness of Brésillac.

-          THE INFORMATIO, a text of 50 pages taken from the Summary and the Biography, which tries to show the high level of virtues of our Servant of God.

-          The Positio is completed by a series of minor documents coming from the different offices through which the Cause has passed.

-          At the end, there is a booklet with around 20 photos showing the locations of important events from the life of Brésillac.

In the case of an historic Cause, at first about 15 copies are printed:  six will be distributed to the historians who will examine the work and will make their comments.  I’ve been told that it will be necessary to wait between ten and twelve months.  Subsequently, any corrections requested by the historians will be made.  They will complete the final copy of the Positio (50 copies) for examination by the theologians.  Then, if their judgement is positive, all will move onto the enlarged Congregation (bishops and cardinals) for the Causes of the Saints.  Before arriving for the review by the theologians, a considerable waiting time will be necessary because the number of Positiones for the examination has increased. 

If the theologians’ review is positive, the Pope will make a decree on the heroic virtues of the Servant of God, who will become venerable.

If before, during or after, we present a grace which is recognized as a miracle, the route to beatification is open.

This is where we are today: I give thanks to God; until now, the route has been very long, complex, and not always well understood.  The difficulties, and above all the difficult times of trying to wait patiently, has allowed me, all the same, to deepen certain subjects that are very useful for we SMA and to share them, so that the gifts of the life and the teachings of our Founder, allow us to grow in the measure to which God wants from us today and for the future.

I still need your concrete, consistent and creative collaboration!  Now a lot is in your hands!


Rome, October 22, 2014

 Fr. Bruno Semplicio, postulator 

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