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Like the Apostles...

He found them asleep



couve st peter

It is undeniable that each pope in the history of the Church has contributed to the development of the Church! Indeed, they have personally devoted themselves to the building of the Church and to the evolution of its vision of the contemporary world. The last three popes are not exempt from this assertion. What can be remembered following’s papacy.

papeIn less than ten years, the Roman Catholic Church has seen in a roll, three popes, each with his specificity and style of leadership.

Pope John Paul II widely known to be close to the youth by popularizing the world youth day meant to gather all the Roman Catholic youth from around the world. Karol Wojtyła also marked the catholic liturgy by introducing a new mystery to the rosary called the luminous mystery. Father Corapi can you explain to us what that mystery is all about?

For the first time in over 800 years we have a basic change in the prayer of the holy rosary. The Holy Father, Pope John Paul II wrote an apostolic letter teaching us how to pray the holy rosary better. And in that context, he gave us five new mysteries: the luminous mysteries or the mysteries of light. These are events from the Gospel that mostly concern the public ministry of Jesus-Christ.

As for his successor Joseph Ratzinger who took the name of Benedict XVI for his papacy, put an accent on the teaching of the Church but sadly had to deal with the issues of children abused by some priests and same sex marriage. He will though be remembered for his resignation from power.

Italian words... Dear brothers, I have convoked you to this consistory not only for the three canonizations but also to communicate to you a decision of a great importance for the life of the church. After having repeatedly examined my conscious before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the petrine ministry. I renounced the ministry of bishop of Rome, successor of St. Peter. With regards to myself I wish also to devotedly serve the Holy Church of God in the future through life dedicated to prayer. This was a curtesy of Radio Vatican.

Since his election on the 13th of March 2013, Pope Francis has also made differences. He is the 1st non-European pope, and compered to his predecessors, he is believed to have sparked of an increase of the Roman Catholic believers going back to church. After years of decline, British cathedrals have seen a 20% rise in congregations since the Argentinian pope was elected as the head of the Roman Catholic Church. And the Pope Francis effect, is been felt with old and new Catholics going back to confession boxes by their hundreds or thousands a cording to Italian Center for Studies of new religions. The Italian opinion poll, Opinioni, reported that more than four in five of Italians have a positive or extremely positive opinion of the pope. What do the people of Manchester think of him?

Yah he has been a very reformist pope, Pope Francis? No!, He is obviously quiet well integrated with people, I think he is one of the best popes of the last years.

squareIn Spain, attendance is also rising since Pope Francis' election. Catholic leaders in France have reported growth in the numbers of church going Catholics. Attendances at the pope's weekly address in Saint Peter's square have surged to 80,000 last month in contrast to 5,000 strong crowd attracted to his predecessor Benedict XVI. Because of his simple life style and leadership, the 76 years old carries his own suitcase and travels by bus rather than enjoying a chauffeur driven car and lovelish apartment normally accorded the head of the world’s biggest Christian congregation. He has also made some more radical statements announcing publicly that he will not judge gay people and that he will consult ordinary Catholics on controversial topics including contraception and sex before marriage.

The forma Jesuit priest’s down to earth attitude may probably be one of the things to mark his papacy. Has his leadership inspired some religious leaders in their work? Father Tom Ryan,

Same as Christ, go out make disciples of all nations. Francis says the same thing in so many different ways, and at the same time he is saying, look at the methods you are using, look at the activities you are involved in, examine what you are up to and see: is it suitable for today, do we need to bring some newness to all of these and that is the great thing I find about Francis. Do we continue as we are? Do we have something new to offer?

Certainly, in less than a year he has, to some extent, succeeded in restoring the Catholic Church’s image to both believers and unbelievers. But as for the growing number of Church goers, it seems only to be in statistics.


Papou Joli

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