IMG 6723Two weeks ago in Rome concluded the general assembly that was historic in nature. It saw for the first time 50% of the members taking partfor the very first time. For the first time too, an Italian SMA was elected Superior General.

Monday, June 10, 2019, saw the arrival of the fifteen delegates of Lyon Province to begin their 16th edition of Provincial Assembly at the Cartières in Chaponost. As expected there is always an atmosphere of joy when members meet after a short or long time. Lyon Province represents the international face of the SMA. Among the delegates, there are two Nigerians, two Togolese and one Ivorian. In this august assembly, there are twenty-three members taking part in it. The provincial superior of Strasbourg Fr. Justin Kette is the moderator. Among the invitees, is the newly re-elected member of the General Council Fr. Francis Rozario. There is also a friend of SMA, a member of FLM and an MCSC sister.

The assembly begins officially on the 11th June 2019 with a day of recollection led by Sr. Victoria followed by the personal reading of the working documents. Monday night the Moderator presented the ten-day program. There are two groups that have been formed and just like the General Assembly, the texts will be voted in the plenary sessions.

We pray that the Spirit of Pentecost may be alive to inspire the participants in their deliberations for the greater glory of God and service to the people entrusted in their care.

Now that you know…!

Dominic Wabwireh, SMA