togoThe Provincial Assembly of Togo was held from 24 to 30 November 2019 in the former house of the Golf Training District of Guinea in Bè Klikamè. It begins the adoration on the day of the solemnity of the Chtist King of the Universe. The next day, Bishop Denis Amouzou Dzagba, Archbishop of Lome, presides over the opening Mass at the end of his mission. He was surrounded by SMA confreres, some diocesan priests, OLA Sisters, Sisters of Our Lady of the Church and the SMA Friends of Togo.

Taking into account the legacy of the missionary pioneers in Togo, we enjoyed all the good things in these lives and we dreamed of the future of a province with the desire to gather, to listen, to be attentive to its members, a province like the good shepherd where the sheep hear the voice of the master and the shepherd that of the sheep. A province where the mission is central, centered on Christ with whom we look and see together the horizons of the kingdom of God. Let us be able to discover that he is already in our hearts, in each of us, in our province through our different dispositions that we place in the Son of Man by whom everything is made and created. It is for this reason that we ask the help of God and our Christian brothers and sisters, baptized and sent, to pray for our new province of Togo. We remain positive and confident.

Our positive appreciative looks are expressed in our confidence that we have placed in the new elected council. There are three: Fr. Fabien Sognon, Provincial Superior, Fr.Walter Woamede, Provincial Vice Provincial. He is in charge of the program of the preparatory year bringing together SMA students from Togo and Ghana. The Councilor is Fr. Alcide Dick of Ivory Coast. Present parish priest of St. Therese of the Child Jesus of Adamavo. Thirteen (13) delegates voted on these choices.

The General Council was represented by Fr. Francis Rozario. The moderator of the meeting was Sr Denise Bang'Na, OLA, former advisor to the outgoing OLA General Council team. There are four guests at the meeting: Fr.Samuel Agbeme, Vice Superior Provincial pro temporal, Fr. Bernard Bardouillet, Dean of the SMA in Togo. Sr. Monique Akoto, OLA, District Superior OLA in Bè, Togo, and Joseph Damasso, in charge of the SMA Amicale. We wish a good mission to the new provincial team of Togo.

With our collaboration, as our decisions look, see the kingdom of God, choose and serve the Son of Man in Spirit and in truth.

Jean-Paul Kpatcha, SMA.