Kite 3Many of the activities involving the SMA confreres have been impacted by the Covid 19. In Kenya for example, parishes have been obliged to halt their activities including public masses. The schools and learning institutions have been suspended and drastic measures have been taken to deal with the impending situation.


In order to cope with the prevailing situation, “we have asked our parish community to follow masses on Radio and Television channels and our live-streamed daily Holy masses on our parish FACEBOOK page from their homes.

Fr. Godfrey Naika said, “on Sunday 15th March, we started announcing guidelines and the measures the government of Kenya through the ministry of health had issued to protect citizens against Coronavirus infection. This initiative was to make sure that all our parishioners get the necessary information to protect themselves.” Things did not stop at that, while the rest of the world was getting concerned and taking drastic measures, the pastoral team at St. Monica parish, “directed parishioners to observe 1 Metter distance while in Church and made available sanitizers to be used by the faithful while entering the Church and before receiving the Holy communion. The shaking of hands for the sign of peace was also canceled.” On Monday 23th March, all learning was suspended in Kenya and this meant the closing of all schools and learning institutions. On Sunday 29th March 2020, the total number of those infected according to the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of health stood at 42 country-wide. It is from that time that all masses, liturgical celebrations as well as any other Church gatherings were suspended and all the faithful were asked to strictly observe the hygiene guidelines and measures from the Ministry of Health. It is worth noting that the current situation has “worsened the living conditions of our faithful,” according to Fr. Godfrey. Due to imposed curfews at night, he added, “there are reduced business activities, people have lost jobs and many of our parishioners may not be able to buy food, pay different monthly bills and house rent.”

Kite 1Other measures that the parish community has taken include the suspension of all office days and spiritual accompaniment, home visits, and burial gatherings. 
However, the team has opted to strengthen the St. Vincent de Paul movement in order to commit to the distribution of food to the needful families during this pandemic.

What is Covid 19?

When coronavirus first hit the headlines more than three months ago, many thought it was a far off disease that only concerned the Chinese people. Little did people realize how infectious it was and how close the world was connected to China.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illnesses.

The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is to be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it spreads. Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol-based rub frequently and not touching your face. 

The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes, so it’s important that you also practice respiratory etiquette (for example, by coughing into a flexed elbow).

At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments. While many countries adopt lockdown or curfews to combat the virus, the message is simple. The virus doesn’t move. People move the virus. If people stop moving, the virus stops moving, it dies. Its that simple. Stay home save lives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Dominic Wabwireh, SMA