Smanews enCommunication is inherent to human life. For the realization of everything, every moment, every day, human beings must communicate. Very often, they communicate through written or spoken words, but just as much with gestures, facial expressions, symbols such as road signs, colors (red for danger) or images.

And as Paul Watzlawick would say, we cannot but communicate.

Indeed, everything that a human being does in the presence of other human beings always communicates something.

Individuals cannot function without communication, and neither can groups; and neither can a family like ours.

So, in order to enrich our communication, to inquire about each other's news, this year we have launched the SMA news (in audiovisual) which will begin this Monday, January 11, 2021 on our various official communication channels, in particular our Website, our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.

We therefore invite everyone to make his this initiative, to follow it, to share it and to participate in enriching it by supplementing the media center with reports or recordings.