P Luigi PopeFr. Gigi Maccalli was received today by the Pope at a private audience.

These are his words after the private audience with the Pope: "I told the Pope how I prayed and felt supported by the prayer of the Church. Pope Francis responded by telling me instead that it was the Church that was supported by my prayer.  The Holy Father was very attentive to what I was saying. It was like a father listening and welcoming a son who came back after a long time.

P. Luigi Pope 2I asked the Pope to pray for the other hostages, the situation in Niger, and other difficult situations in the countries of this region. It is a time when hatred is heard by making the greatest voice, but the answer is more brotherhood and freedom. And that is the mission of the Church."




P.Luigi pope3With Fr. Gigi at the audience with the Pope was also Fr. Antonio Porcellato, the Superior General of the SMA.

The Pope also received members of the FatherLuigiā€™s Family.

Gigi Maccalli