On Saturday 4th October, 2014, a new page was opened in the history of the 134 years of SMA presence in Ghana. On this page can found the inauguration of the over 26-room Regional House for the Region of Ghana at a colourful ceremony attended by Apostolic Nuncio to Ghana, Most Rev Jean-Marie Speich, the Archbishop of Accra, Most Rev Gabriel Charles Palmer-Buckle and the Vicar General of the SMA, Very Rev Fr Antonio Porcellato.

The event started with a mass presided over by the Archbishop of Accra and concelebrated by the Superior of the DFGG, Fr Fabien Sognon and his vice, Fr Narcisse O. Seka together with the Regional Superiors of Ghana, Togo, Angola, Kenya, Benin and a host of confreres from within and outside Ghana.

In his welcome address, the Regional Superior of Ghana, Fr James Owusu-Yeboah described the event as a “dream come true” because of the time and resources used to see the structure put up. He thanked all those contributed to the realization of the project. 

Later, the archbishop and the nuncio took time to praise the SMA for her fidelity to mission in Africa especially, Ghana. There was strong presence of the Friends of the SMA in Ghana, parishners of Madina, the Knights and Ladies of Marshall, and the worshipping community attached to the house. Funds were also raised to support other projects in the region.

The need for a new house

The need to have a new regional house for Ghana built in Accra has been a subject of discussion for the confreres working in and coming from Ghana for a long time. Many reasons were advanced for this project notably the need to have a more spacious house closer to the gateway and the capital of the country which his Accra as this will facilitate smooth administration of the region. Also, until recently, the there was no more SMA presence in the Archdiocese of Cape Coast and so keeping only a regional house in that diocese was not practicable.   

Building a new house

Based on the above reasons, plans were put in place for the realisation of this project. Somewhere in 2010, Fr Nelson Adjei-Bediako, then Superior of the DFGG started the foundation of the house and Fr James Owusu-Yeboah who later came in as the Regional Superior of Ghana completed the house. 

This new house is equipped with conference and meeting rooms, a library/museum, offices, quarters for ancillary staff and a chapel. There is large stretch of land near the house which is ear-marked for a school, a clinic and a parish.

Keeping to our founder’s words of “seizing every opportunity to preach the Gospel”, a vibrant worshipping community has already started using the chapel for Mass. The idea is to develop this group into a parish in the near future.

A word of gratitude

Surely, this project this project could not have seen the light of day without the support of the provinces and districts, local and foreign benefactors, and a host of friends and well-wishers. We are grateful to all these people.

Dennis Senyo Etti, SMA

Secretary of District-in-Formation Golfe of Guinea