The cause of beatification of the Founder

MandonicoFor a number of years, the cause of beatification of our founder among the objectives of the SMA. But the procedures to be followed in such an approach are quite complex. Every day in our various communities we pray that "the Church recognizes the holiness of this great servant of the mission, and that through her intercession, we get the graces we need." As the postulator, it seems useful to share with you some thoughts to help a better understanding of this common goal each SMA. One cause of founding an institute of beatification implies a strong commitment on the part of its members. It is therefore necessary to be understood by all members. The essence of our faith rests in the recognition of Jesus Christ Son of God, died and rose again for the salvation of mankind. It should be known to all, especially the poor. This announcement will bear abundant fruit if we witness to his love. Today more than ever, the world needs credible witnesses: the saints can be seen therefore as having embodied in them the Good News of Jesus to be received by all. "The Church is the living saints comments of the gospel, because they embodied the interpretation of the Word of God and therefore, a real path to reach Christ. "(HU von Balthasar) Every Christian is bound to answer God's call to holiness. As missionaries and priests, our responsibility is great: make visible the great goodness of God for the world, especially for those living in the midst of situations of suffering physical, moral, physical and spiritual. A beatification is not that fidelity to formalities. She is, whatever the circumstances, a return to the basics of our faith and our desire to be priests and missionaries after the heart of God. Beyond the circumstances of time, place, with changing attitudes, the saints, the blessed have a message to deliver: if we listen to an open heart and if we have their blessings, they will get to us the graces we need to act well. In our case, we must admit that Bishop Brésillac was not well known. The publication of his writings and reflections, and its pensions has opened a new era approach to make it better known and appreciated today. The case also forced us to seek and edit texts which until then were unknown. On the other hand the founder is not only a gift to us, but also for our friends, our benefactors, the Christian faithful and all those to whom we preach. There is no reason that we do make known to them, in simplicity and discretion.

Recently, the number of those who know him grew. They resort to his intercession and present, through him, needs to God. We who keep talking about solidarity with the poor and most abandoned, must be restless until we presented them our founding as the servant of all, alongside the humble, small and poor.

Today we have a fifty cases of graces received through the intercession of the Servant of God Bishop Marion Brésillac. They come from all over the world and describe healings, jobs obtained, success in school, recoveries of family peace ... It should be recalled that the recognition of the sanctity of a person is the result of devotion to this person .dropoff window This is one of the conditions for success of a cause of beatification. A miracle accepted by the Church for the beatification is a gift from God. But it is achieved through our commitment to promote the cause. It is therefore important to broadcast images of our Founder, and if necessary, follow up specific cases. We invite you therefore to foster collaboration of the faithful, it is an act of charity that will benefit them. - These people can broadcast images of the Founder especially for the sick; - Ask them to pray a novena or triduum and if they get the pardon, help them draft a written testimony, as simple as it is, to promote the cause. The Cause of the Founder requires active engagement and good will of all. If you have any suggestions on the issue, I will be more than happy to know them.

Fr Bruno Semplicio

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